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This is a great day for me. Obviously, I have to thank each and every one of you who have stuck with the column for the past year. I ve improved a lot, but the basic structure has remained the same. L year anniversary of What the hell happened here and I m your host, the boy who has lost only one week the last year, Dan Marsicano. I m proud of that, as different and all over the place tended to make each edition something special, something to look forward. The first edition on Dream Theater Falling Into Infinity is interesting to look at, just for the fact that in a year time, not a whole lot has changed. Just a year ago, I was some snot nose boy who was seeking to participate more in 411 Mania beyond the occasional review. With the help of Mitch Michael editor, who actually came up with the title of the column, I found something that I could sink your teeth into. Not every issue has been a winner, I know, but I I tried not to pigeon-hole me into a kind. The day is upon us, boys and girls.

13.11.08 08:33

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